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AccountMate is designed to address the needs of mid-sized businesses in many industries. It takes advantage of the speed of client/server technology, Crystal Reports writer, and the latest productivity enhancing tools in Microsoft’s BackOffice suite of products. This leading-edge application combines the full functionality of our award-winning AccountMate system with the power of Microsoft’s SQL Server at an attractive price. Microsoft SQL is recognized as the fastest growing database platform in the world. It offers AccountMate SQL users enhanced investment protection for the long haul with superior scalability, up-time  performance, stronger data security and easier E-commerce implementation.

AccountMate 6.5 for SQL and MSDE

AccountMate 6.5 is a real-time, customizable accounting software solution designed to address the needs of medium-sized businesses. AccountMate takes advantage of the speed of client/server technology and the latest productivity-enhancing tools from Microsoft's  BackOffice suite of products to create an inclusive solution that is designed to help you better manage your business. There are two versions of AccountMate 6.5 the MSDE version is available for small businesses with up to 5 users and the SQL  version is designed for hundreds of multiple users and larger databases. Both versions have the same look, ease of use, number  of modules and are source code modifiable so a company can grow and still maintain their investment in staff training,  customization, and ease of use with AccountMate. AccountMate 6.5 for SQL AccountMate 6.5 for SQL includes all the features of the MSDE version. It is designed for medium-sized businesses and can accommodate hundreds of simultaneous users.  There is also no builtin limit to the size of your database - it is only limited by the size of your server's hard disks, eliminating the  concern to archive excessive records. AccountMate 6.5 utilizes Microsoft's SQL database server to insure that your investment in  AccountMate is for the long term— with superior scalability, up-time performance, and better data security. AccountMate 6.5 for SQL has the same look, ease of use, and number of customizable modules as the MSDE version, so a company can seamlessly  transition from one to the other without additional investment in staff training, customization, and other such expenses.

AccountMate 6.5 for SQL features:


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