If you're an active consultant, programmer, or even an advanced user who writes your own reports, then you need a copy of our Field Guide to AccountMate.   We initially developed the Field Guide for our own internal use here at Microworks.   They have proven themselves as an indespensible tool that we use nearly everyday in the field.   We have come to the conclusion that if we can't live without this in our own practice, you probably can't either.   So, we've decide to make this available to other AccountMate consultants as well.

Quite simply, our Field Guide is a complete data dictionary showing all of the AccountMate tables (for ALL modules), a description of the tables and their structures including field names, data types, field lengths, decimals and screen captions.  In addition, we also have a " reverse directory" of field names showing the name of the field and a list of tables where this field is located.  All of this in a single spiral bound volume, organized by module. No fluff here. Just the information you need, put in a very useable format.

Imagine how much easier your life will be next time you have to modify a report or change the length of a field onsite.   At a glance you will know the existing field length and all of the tables you will need to change.   No more going from table to table with Foxpro hunting for fields.   That work has already been done for you and it's available in our Field Guide to AccountMate.

Our field guides are available for both the LAN and SQL versions of AccountMate There are separate editions for each build.   We are currently shipping the Field Guide to AccountMate for LAN version 6.5 Build 601, The Field Guide to AccountMate for LAN version 5 Build 509 and The Field Guide to AccountMate for SQL/MSDE Builds 606a and 607a.  




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