Microworks will design software for your business.

Our development services are what truly defines us here at Microworks. All of the product that we offer work great for most businesses right out of the box with very little or no customization at all. However, Microworks understands that there is no such thing as a "one size fits all" solution. Most resellers expect you to adapt your business to the software. Microworks' business philosophy is quite different. We believe very strongly in changing the software to match the way you conduct business. We will go out of our way in an effort to understand your business and its practices. By making this extra effort, we are able to deliver a more robust solution that will exceed your expectations.

We have done work for a variety of businesses from professional architectural firms to a chicken hatchery to a very large (1000+ employees) farming operation to manufacturing companies and everything in between. We've done project tracking systems, complete inventory and order entry systems, customized payroll and AP systems just to name a few of the types of projects we have done.  So whatever your need, whether its an inventory control system or just tweaking a report, we can help.

Because we offer only "Open Source" solutions to our customers or solutions that we have developed ourselves, we are able to deliver solutions with more features and at a more affordable cost.

If you like our strategy of adapting the software to match your needs and would like more information, then please contact us today.

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