An " add-on" is simply a minor enhancement or modification to the existing AccountMate product.   Listed below are a few examples.   Be sure to check this page periodically as we are planning to add many more to this list.


Accountmate partner - Nexlan






How many times every year do you notify employees of their accrued benefit time (vacation/sick/personal/holiday)?  How many times do they ask and you have to look it up for them?  NexPRStub™ prints available Payroll benefit time on every employee's pay stub - and doesn't even require source code!

NexBOL   (Bill of Lading)

Does your shipping dock spend more time preparing paperwork than getting the items packaged?   NexBOL is the solution for your Bill of Lading needs - Whether simple or complex.


One of the major challenges for many manufacturing and distribution companies is coping with federal regulations.  Some of the toughest regulations are for Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) and the penalties for non-compliance can be extreme, especially for Hazardous Materials (HazMat).  Making this even tougher, many companies use MSDS software separate from their accounting/manufacturing system, and then wrestle with keeping them " in sync" .  Fortunately, a perfect MSDS solution for AccountMate users is now at hand!


Many employees hold multiple assignments at a single business, each paid at a different hourly rate.  Paying these employees once meant using " creative" math to correctly account for the differences in pay levels.  Now NexPayRates links up to five unique pay rates to each employee. 

You specify hours worked at each rate of pay!

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